This is where the “music” part of “Photoblog of musician and photographer …” comes in. 😉

I started recording some of my solo music today … and plan on continuing for the next week.

At least one recording session everyday.

I mean, it’s pretty easy when I have my own little studio.

I love my little setup. 😉

Finished recording a few guitar riffs I put together into a song that I wrote while up in Cuntsville.

I pretty much just played guitar there.

And read.

I really do love my little recording rig though.

It’s so compact and convenient.

…and sounds like a fucking eargasm.


Whatever. 😉

Everything’s so close by. I can lay down some guitar tracks, put down the guitar and mix it …

Then move over two feet and record some keys.

Mix it.

Drums are another few feet away.

You get the idea. 😉

It’s fucking great.

Can’t wait till I finish recording.

And show y’all. 😉

It’s not all serious all the time, by the way.

So it was just me … my equipment … and my Dad snapping away with the camera.

Keep your eyes and ears open …

For you shall be hearing some music soon. 😉