big 1-7

was my birthday on tuesday …

turned 17.

right now it’s 12.42a and everyone is sleeping so i can’t type a lot.

been a while since i wrote here.

gunna be posting some pictures with my new 50/1.4 lens i got from my parents. 😉

shooting the who on monday.

i’ll write soon.


waiting for the party

i’m sitting here … 3.59pm … just chilling, looking thru some photos … and listening to Motley grandma and my uncle arrived from hungary about a week ago.

i love shooting at airports for some reason … they have so many moments. so many mixed emotions.

it’s a great place to shoot albeit the shitty lighting you get at some terminals.

everything went smoothly … sometimes there are delays, lost luggage and all the fun airport stuff. 😉

but this time, everything went as it was supposed to.

we still had to wait a little bit, of course. but waiting is good for making photos. 😉

when they finally arrived everyone was hugging eachother …

i was making photos.

go figure, right? 😉

i’ve never been kicked out of an airport for shooting … but i have been told to put my camera away.

i dunno if they think that i’m a spy or some shit, but i think it’s ridiculous that i can’t make photos of my family in an airport. but … on the other hand, i can understand it to a certain extent. i don’t always limit myself to photos of just my family. 😉

i love these kinds of photos.

she gave me a look when she heard me speaking hungarian. i bet she’s hungarian too.

back to the arrival …

that’s probably my favorite one from that night. my dad and my grandma. the look on her face is priceless.

she had three strokes not too long ago, and while she has made A LOT of progress in her recovery, she still isn’t exaclty the same person she was before. she can’t always find the right words to say, and she can’t read anymore. i really hope she recovers fully sometime soon.

on a bit of a tangent …

i’ve been doing some different kind of shooting recently …

i’m a concert guy … i’m a street guy … i’ve done a wedding … i loved it, but i don’t think i’ve shot enough to say that i’m a “wedding guy” yet. even though i’d like to be, and even though they liked my photos better than the other photographer’s who can say that he is a “wedding guy.”

i started doing portraits.

for my school’s fashion show … yeah, okay, so what?

i picked up a camera mid-march of this year.


i really love it.

it’s so much fun, and it’s a whole new “world” of photography.

ever since i saw a seminar on studio photography i really started getting into it.

i wasn’t too hot on it before.

but i think it’s very cool.

was looking at some other photographer’s studio work … famous photographers. very cool stuff.

so i’m starting with my school’s fashion show’s model headshots.

i don’t have any strobe lights or soft boxes or backdrops or anything …

i’m not that into it yet. 😉

and i like subject-photographer intamacy … without anything inbetween.

sometimes you need it … no doubt.

but i don’t have it right now … so i used my camera, a white wall and an external flash.

it worked surprisingly well too.

i really like models that are playful.

it’s funny that some of them are my classmates.

it feels a lot different seeing someone thru my lens. and playing with them in a way much different than the usual chilling that we do.

some i met for the first time …

and i enjoyed playing just as much, if not more than with my friends.

some were shy as hell.

i’d take one photo and they’d run away …

i guess it’s part of “becoming a model” …

and it’s important to learn … everyone’s learning.

“it’s so weird … i can see myself in your lens”

i thought that was funny.

and “why are you so close?”

i admit … i was kinda close …

but when you’re using an external flash …

you can’t stand 10 meters away if you want a properly light photo.

especially at 1/500th …

it’s all good. 😉

they got used to it.

and it’s more fun that way. 😉

that’s me and my new friend jess.

my new friend jess and i … whatever.

i also thought it was funny when some people stood behind the red thing beside me rather than the white wall.

i guess some people are more “fit” to become models. 😉


i’m gunna be shooting more head shots and fashion show things next week …

and all throughout the year.

till march.

my one year owning a camera anniversary! 😉

i’m very excited.

tomorrow i’m doing some street photography … it’s been a while.

and tuesday i’m shooting the all american rejects.

should be a good week.

looking into getting the 50mm f/1.4.

it’s my birthday so my parents are asking me what i’d like. 😉

big 1-7.

november 28th.

i hope you’re all doing well.

i know i haven’t written in a while.

but i will be posting more often from now on. i’ve just been busy as fuck.



this was taken by greg, the other photographer at the wedding i shot a month ago, tomorrow.

i just saw it again and laughed. thought i’d share. 😉

i will be putting up some of the wedding photos here soon … i promise. i’ve just been so busy.

next week i’m doing head shots for some models … and i also have a couple shoots scheduled for some rappers.

yeah, yo. 😉

excited for the head shots … should be cool.

i wanna take my f5 and a roll of black and white too …

we’ll see …

party tonight …

concert tomorrow …  these motherfuckers are nuts. i know the guitarist … he’s a cool guy. i’m excited to see what the show will be like. even though i’m not a metal head.


p.s. it fucking sucks here … some really shitty rainy weather in toronto.