this was taken by greg, the other photographer at the wedding i shot a month ago, tomorrow.

i just saw it again and laughed. thought i’d share. 😉

i will be putting up some of the wedding photos here soon … i promise. i’ve just been so busy.

next week i’m doing head shots for some models … and i also have a couple shoots scheduled for some rappers.

yeah, yo. 😉

excited for the head shots … should be cool.

i wanna take my f5 and a roll of black and white too …

we’ll see …

party tonight …

concert tomorrow …  these motherfuckers are nuts. i know the guitarist … he’s a cool guy. i’m excited to see what the show will be like. even though i’m not a metal head.


p.s. it fucking sucks here … some really shitty rainy weather in toronto.

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