Buskerfest …

So I went out to do what I wanted to do yesturday … shoot a little bit of BuskerFest, which is a festival in support of Epilepsy Toronto. I’m sure if you Google it, you’ll find something about it … 😉 Didn’t shoot as much as I hoped …

It was fucking crowded, and there weren’t that many exciting things going on …

Still got a few shots that I’m happy about …

One of the first things I see when we got there …

Taken from the hip … so I guess I’m cowardly, according to some people on RFF from Chris’ blog.

I still don’t get that. Whatever. Don’t really care. I think it’s a great technique to learn and use. If you don’t agree then don’t use it.

Saw this too … thought it was funny that the little kid was in a waiter’s outfit.

I like how these are crooked … done on purpose that way.

And this was also from the hip.

Second thing we saw when we got there was a chalk-painter … there were so fucking many in downtown Toronto during the summer … they’re all really good … but they don’t look like they’re well off.

Kinda feel bad for them …

It’s a shame that there are starving artists …

Next thing we saw was probably the most interesting …

The last time I saw one of these performers, mimes, actors, whatever, I was in Venice, Italy … beautiful place.

But there are some scary fucking people.

She was one of them … I took a photo of her, and usually these people don’t move … that’s the whole act.

But she started yelling and cussing the fuck outta me to give her money since I made a photo.

That was weird.

This one from BuskerFest was much nicer. 😉

She’d hold out her hand to people in hopes that they’d kiss it or hold it.

This kid did …

Though, by the look on his face and how awkward he was …

I kinda think he regretted it.

This guy however did not … he stood there with that look on his face as she waited with her hand out …

Thought it was pretty interesting.

It’s times like these when I wish my lens could go wider than f/3.5 … cause I don’t really wanna remember the cop and the kid in the air and all the madness behind them … I just want to remember his expression and her hope that maybe he will hold her hand.

Couple … guy with the broken nose … family of three … all enjoying BuskerFest.

Even those that are perhaps less fortunate than most could enjoy the festival.

Shot those as I was walking away from all the chaos …

I was there for less than 10 minutes … but I made 8 frames which will allow me to remember BuskerFest, as I knew it, forever …

Gotta go … shooting Shakira and Wyclef tomorrow …

…and hopefully finishing that trance song for all you euro-trash fuckers. 😉

Don’t take offence … I’m european too. 😉

A little trance and my portfolio

Today was kind of a shittier day …

One of those days when it rains … and plans get called off … end up staying at home …

The shitty type.

I was supposed to go shoot a festival … just for fun with my friend Tom, but since it was raining I said fuck that.

I worked on my portfolio though, which will be up VERY soon … and got my hosting figured out.

And made a little trance thing … on my keyboard, some synthesizer modules and a drum machine. 😉 Twas fun.

I wanted to see if I could make euro-trash. 😉

Another feature

…hopefully this time without a rant. 😉

Anyways, I was checking out CoolPhotoblogs.com and came across the work of Dan Culberson.

Didn’t really check out his other stuff yet, but I was taking a look thru his concert photograhy.

Found some interesting stuff.

You don’t usually see much concert photography with a light background.

That was kinda cool.

Ya don’t see much of that either. 😉

A lot of people have said that there’s nothing new left to see in concert photography.

Well, here’s a prime example why that’s not true. 😉

Really liked this one too … almost like a portrait.

Very fucking cool.

Go check him out.