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waiting on my film

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

So a couple days ago I shot film for the first time …

With the exception of ooold camera’s and disposables from when I was a kid …

Took the F5 and a roll of Ilford Delta 400 out on the street with my friend Tom …

I made 26 exposures … some of which I think were very cool …
I think I may have fucked up the film though.

Ah well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see … they’re at a lab right now … and somehow it will take them about two weeks to develop them … sooo it looks like we won’t see them for 2 weeks …

But it was fun …

Totally different experience …

Being limited to 20 something shots … and having to nail it. No retries. 😉

Twas fun.

So grade 12 started yesturday … pretty cool. It’s pretty cool so far.

Gotta go respond to some emails …

Check my dA … haven’t been there in AGES.


Buskerfest …

Sunday, August 27th, 2006

So I went out to do what I wanted to do yesturday … shoot a little bit of BuskerFest, which is a festival in support of Epilepsy Toronto. I’m sure if you Google it, you’ll find something about it … 😉 Didn’t shoot as much as I hoped …

It was fucking crowded, and there weren’t that many exciting things going on …

Still got a few shots that I’m happy about …

One of the first things I see when we got there …

Taken from the hip … so I guess I’m cowardly, according to some people on RFF from Chris’ blog.

I still don’t get that. Whatever. Don’t really care. I think it’s a great technique to learn and use. If you don’t agree then don’t use it.

Saw this too … thought it was funny that the little kid was in a waiter’s outfit.

I like how these are crooked … done on purpose that way.

And this was also from the hip.

Second thing we saw when we got there was a chalk-painter … there were so fucking many in downtown Toronto during the summer … they’re all really good … but they don’t look like they’re well off.

Kinda feel bad for them …

It’s a shame that there are starving artists …

Next thing we saw was probably the most interesting …

The last time I saw one of these performers, mimes, actors, whatever, I was in Venice, Italy … beautiful place.

But there are some scary fucking people.

She was one of them … I took a photo of her, and usually these people don’t move … that’s the whole act.

But she started yelling and cussing the fuck outta me to give her money since I made a photo.

That was weird.

This one from BuskerFest was much nicer. 😉

She’d hold out her hand to people in hopes that they’d kiss it or hold it.

This kid did …

Though, by the look on his face and how awkward he was …

I kinda think he regretted it.

This guy however did not … he stood there with that look on his face as she waited with her hand out …

Thought it was pretty interesting.

It’s times like these when I wish my lens could go wider than f/3.5 … cause I don’t really wanna remember the cop and the kid in the air and all the madness behind them … I just want to remember his expression and her hope that maybe he will hold her hand.

Couple … guy with the broken nose … family of three … all enjoying BuskerFest.

Even those that are perhaps less fortunate than most could enjoy the festival.

Shot those as I was walking away from all the chaos …

I was there for less than 10 minutes … but I made 8 frames which will allow me to remember BuskerFest, as I knew it, forever …

Gotta go … shooting Shakira and Wyclef tomorrow …

…and hopefully finishing that trance song for all you euro-trash fuckers. 😉

Don’t take offence … I’m european too. 😉

Moments in downtown T-dot

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

Went shooting tonight … downtown Toronto. Love that place. There’s always something good.

Haven’t shot street in the night yet … was fun and interesting. Whole different perspective.

Whole different moments between people.

Twas fun.

Kinda harder to get light … but it sets the mood and atmosphere.

And mood is a great thing. 😉

Anyone who lives in Toronto and has been on Queen St. has either seen or heard this next guy yelling “AAACTIVE SURPLUS”

Him and the monkey share the same haircut.

I wonder how long he’s been doing what he does.

Everyime I go to Queen W. he’s there.

I really like these photos. Dunno why.

I wonder how long this guy’s been sleeping on Queen St. W. as well.

I’ve never seen him there. At least I don’t think.

Oh yeah, and all of these were shot from the hip. While I was walking towards them.

Which will explain why not all of them are entirely in focus.

But I really don’t care. Sharpness isn’t everything, and I’m new to the whole shooting from the hip technique. 😉

Learning to estimate distance.

Learning to “be the ghost.”

It’s fun. 😉

Learning anything photography is fun.

My camera is never on anything other than Manual.

Never on antyhing other than Manual Focus.

And now, it’s not even always up to my eye. 😉

It’s fun shit.

I love doing it. And I love coming home and seeing a night out on the street.

I don’t even really look back on my LCD.

But I still have a sensor. 😉

That will change soon. I’m getting a film camera.

I’ll still use digital … cause there’s no way that I’ll be shooting Sean Paul and after 24 frames switch film.

Fuck that.

I make about 200-350 during the 6-9 minutes press gets to shoot.

I will however take it on the street with me. Take it to weddings (along with my digital).

Life is about balance.

So is photography.

So is walking on a tight-rope. 😉

But I honestly can’t wait to learn that “technique”

Yeah, I’m referring to film as a “technique” cause it is. There’s no LCD to “check” on. And there’s no room for mistakes. Well, there is, but it’ll cost you. 😉 It’s about nailing the fucking photo. And knowing what you’re doing. But that’s how I treat my D70s right now anyways.

I love digital.

And I will love film soon. 😉

And I absolutely love shooting from the hip.

So glad I started photography … cannot say that enough.

Anyways, this next photo is probably my favorite from the night … along with the first one, which fucking Photobucket resized. Bastards. 😉

Speaking of street photography by the way … check this out.

Cool fucking contest hosted by a cool fucking photographer.

Go take your camera (digital or film, no one on the judging panel gives a fuck) shoot … submit … and win a wicked new camera and badass lens. 😉