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Pass’n’gas in Dorset

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

Yeah, I started a photoblog …

It seems to be the latest trend right now …

Not a bad thing at all … I actually very much like the idea!

So I’m here listening to Gwen Stefani after coming back from a chaotic day with some friends, thinking about the past week where I spent all my time with Mother Nature at a cottage up North at Dorset.

Wasn’t a bad thing at all either …

But I grew to love my Internet and technologies a lot …

I mean a lot … more than I even knew.

I’m glad to be home.

But it was definitely a good way to escape everything and just think.

Took my guitar too and came up with some pretty neat riffs too. 😉

It was about a 4 hour drive down there … but with the traffic on our way down … was more like 5 or 6 I think … if I remember correctly which I very well may not since I have the short term memory of a fruit fly sometimes.

I really like mirror shots.

It’s my Dad on our way down to Dorset.
Our neighbor was … interesting to say the least.

I hate it when Photobucket resizes my images.

Whatever, you get the point. 😉

Another thing I saw when we arrived was:

Hey, this one wasn’t resized … wicked!

The cottage we went to was rented for a week … not fucking cheap either. CAD$550 for a week, and it wasn’t THAT nice either. But, it’s a fucking cottage and cottages aren’t nice. 😉

Anyways … the whole “campgrounds” is owned by a Church in Toronto …

And most of the people who rent these cottages go to the Church.

I don’t.

We don’t.

But my Grandmother does … and she rented the cottage for us as a present.

This man, who is a regular Church goer fell into the lake by accident and was quick to start using the Lord’s name in vain.

I find it funny …

And that’s why I don’t really “dig” the whole Church shit …

I believe in some sort of higher power.

Something is definately out there.

But the Church and their ways never really interested me.

That guy sure could swear, though. 😉

Whilst looking around the “campgrounds” I found a toy that belonged to me when I was a kid.

My Grandma probably donated it to the Church … which they, in turn, brought to the cottages for the younger kids to play with.

Fuckin’ bastards. 😉

I kid, I kid.

Saw this kid when we went up to Algonquin Park to rent canoes and kayaks.

I dunno where the fuck his parents were, but he was fishing there all alone for about 2 hours.

He managed to catch something too.

He could swear too. 😉

Funny how parents leave their kids for such long periods of time …

And then wonder why they aren’t as happy as some other kids.

And then they blame their parenting skills or lack thereof on musicians like Eminem and Marilyn Manson.

…not that I’m saying that’s the case with this kid.

But that’s always been a controversial topic close to home for me.

Blaming Columbine on Manson …

I dunno.

Whatever, I’m not going there.

There was beautiful scenery at the canoe/kayak place:

And a family who went canoeing in their finest clothing.

I found that pretty funny.

Fuck, this one get resized too.

You may not be able to see wassup in this one since it got resized.

But pay close attention to the dress code of the kid up on the balcony.

Some people have no manners.

I stand by the saying: Say no to crack.

As Chris Weeks would say–apropos, no?

Took a photo of my sister’s foot too.

She liked it so whatever, this one’s for you sis. 😉

Took my favorite photo of my sister there too.

Dunno why …

Kinda cliche in a way … but I don’t give a fuck, I still like it.

Speaking of favorite photos … I think my favorite photo from the entire trip is:

Either this or the one of my sister.


Or this:

I’m not too big on the nature photography scene …

But I’m not too small (?) on this photo:

The wife of the swearing-using-the-Lord’s-name-in-vain-and-still-apparently-religious-man was very cool. I enjoyed chatting with her sometimes.

She didn’t want me taking a photo of her … which explains the bluriness …

But I wasn’t leaving without a photo … blurry or not.

I think there’s a photographer inside my Dad too …

He’s got an eye for interesting moments.

So, I’m glad to be back.

Summer is as busy as ever … one of my cousins left back to Budapest and the others are leaving on the 17th, so there’s just a short while left with them.

Still working on my photography portfolio.

And tomorrow (well, technically tonight) I’m shooting Sean and Mariah …

Paul and Carey …

Incase you didn’t know … *ahem*Sam*ahem*

Should be interesting.

Dunno what my editor will think about it though. 😉

I also find it funny that one of the people I met today told my friend that she thought I was “cute, but kind of an idiot.”

Yet she still asked me to hook her band up with a fucking show.

I should have mailed her available dates from last year and a shitty promoter’s email.

But I’m not an ass.

And I really don’t give a fuck if she thinks I’m an idiot.

Because I know that she has never been in any successful bands.

Or been hired as a session musician.

Or shot anything worth watching.

…she even told me she was a huge fan of my artwork.


I’ll leave you with one of the worst license plates on this planet.

At least we know the guy’s not shy.

I could never drive around with that fucking plate.

But he was in line at the Tim Horton’s drive-thru.

But then again, so was I.

Good night.