On my hard drive

whilst looking thru my hard drive i found some photos that i completely forgot about.

kinda like em.

they’re from a street shoot from a while ago.

i love seeing similarities and patterns on the street … or sidewalk. 😉

you can see the recycle bins are knocked over even on the next street.

this never happened to me, but it must suck having your shit up on an electricity wire.

… especially in a grimey alleyway.

and this next one’s dedicated to anyone who still uses film. 😉

that’s all for now!

H&K (hugs and kisses, if you didn’t know)

Unpublished moments from the street

There’s a lot of shit that I shoot …

There’s a lot of shit that I shoot that I like …

But never ends up making it on a site like deviantART where I post what I consider my best work.

And it’s a shame that some of the stuff I shoot that I like never gets seen beyond my camera and my eyes … maybe a few people, but usually just my camera and I.

So … in light of Mr. Weeks’ finally finished 160-fucking-page street article (which I might add is fucking boss) I decided to sift through some of my street photography shoots … and share the “diamonds in the dirt.” No … I don’t mean that these photos are fucking amazing. I think they’re good. But I only used the saying “diamonds in the dirt” because I can’t think of any other way to say “photographs that haven’t been seen by anyone yet” in a better way.

To break the ice, here’s one I took on June 22nd in my hometown that smells like Halifax, Toronto:

On a sidenote, but relatively similar topic, the article written by my main man Chris Weeks is fucking stellar.

So stellar, that I’m thinking of buying a fucking Leica.

I just started photography in mid-March of this year.

I’m 16 years old.

So I still have time to buy one … no rush. But I’ve definately been thinking since street photography is something I love to do … and most of the time I like to do it without people noticing me. Chris and I share the same taste in that sence, as do many other people. I’m shooting right now with a Nikon D70s and I used to use a Tamron XR DiII 18-200mm lens until I traded it in for the Nikkor 18-200mm a couple weeks ago and it really is kinda hard to shoot STREET with a big D-SLR like that. It works amazing for my concert photojournalism and commissioned shoots …

No doubt.

I fucking love my D70s and I really love my lens. Couldn’t ask for anything better … especially at my age and time shooting. I still have a lot of time to grow and learn.

But for street photography … I think I’d be better off with a little Leica and a prime …

We’ll see. 😉

Anyways … on with the photos!

This next one was also taken on June 22nd … same shoot.

I really like how “movie” this looks … back faced … suit … walking towards the sun in an everyday neighborhood … garbage can knocked over.

I dunno. I like it. You don’t have to though.

Speaking of movies and Hollywood — here’s the closest shot I have to a movie production set … kinda “Hollywood-like” I guess.

The guy in the middle was yelling … the guy on our left (possibly the movie bitch?) was confused and holding 2 coffees (that’s why) and the guy on the right was upset. I thought it captured something. But again, you don’t have to agree.

Taken on June 11th by the way.

I don’t shoot buildings … architecture … whatever.

But, this one time I did:

Whether you’re fixing a bandage on your foot:

Talking on your phone on a curb on a branch off of Queen Street W.:

Homeless and proud of it:

Or trying to get in to a shitty club:

…people are people.

Or they’re all targets for my next shot. 😉

I like photos of people in thought.

Or two parents arguing while their child is caught in the eye of the storm but still enjoying a ride on a swing.

Or two friends making photos of eachother, not giving a flying fuck about what people around them think.

That’s the sequel to this photograph.

See … that one got published, but this one didn’t. I like both.

But I think the other one is better.

I don’t shoot animals really either … But I don’t mind doing it.

That dog is fucking annoying by the way.

Thank God it’s not mine … it belongs to my Aunt.

Little Figaro is my cat though.

Love her.

I wonder how Raphael and Figaro would get along.

… but I don’t wanna give it a try cause I still want my Aunt to have her dog 😉

Figaro is fucking vicious.

I love photographing my Grandma:

She’s so connected with nature.

Dogs don’t bark at her.

Cats don’t shit on her furniture *ahem*Figaro*ahem*

Etc, etc.

Dunno what these two were talking about.

Dunno if they were friends … or perhaps something more.

Dunno why I like this photo, but I do.

Sometimes you don’t have to know why or who, or what, or where, or when.

You just know.

Know what I mean? 😉

This is a “whatever” photo.

I like their jaguar bags.

Was he homeless, or did he just have a tiring night?

Who the fuck knows? I don’t.

Kinda cliche, but I don’t care. I deserve my own cliche photos. 😉

Got a good one of my sister pissed off:


Another rather cliche photo:

But again … I don’t really care, I like it.

I like my shadow.

I like the outfits and the different brands of shoes.

All with the same message.

An anxious daughter … trying to get attention from a tired mother.

And lastly …

A simple game of rock, paper, scissors.

Because life is nothing but a simple game. 😉