so you shoot a lot of macro right …

so i just put up my photography portfolio

and i was showing it around to a couple of people …

one person says “nice work man, i can see you shoot a lot of macro.”

i say “what?”

“you shoot a lot of your stuff in macro mode … i can tell because the background is out of focus.”

i dunno what people are smoking these days … but there must be some really hardcore shit up on the street if a person (especially one who claims to be a photographer) can say something like that.

but when i asked him to show me some of his photos, all i got were shitty photos from a 2MP mobile phone cam.

figures. 😉

that shit cost him about $400. i guess it’s worth that much if it gives you the ability to shoot buildings at 2MP. 😉

same guy told me that my photos are “friggin national geographic good.”

whatever that means.

but yeah … i finally up’d my photography portfolio … feels good for it to be in the open.

i’ll be updating it frequently with photos from different concerts and street stuff.

it was kind of a bitch … i had to figure out hosting. ended up going with dreamhost. they seem to be very reliable and you get every cent of what you pay for. and it’s fast too. what more can one ask for from a hosting company?

then i was iffy about the design … didn’t know what i wanted to do with it.

i designed it all myself by the way.

coded too …

yeah, it’s nothing special … it’s simple … but that’s the way i like it.

and i haven’t designed or coded a website in about two years so ess my dee. 😉

i like it though.

a lot.

before i go … i’ll tell you another funny story …

another “photographer” … from my school … was telling me about his camera.

“a sick 8MP SLR”

“i don’t give a fuck about mega pixels … what kinda lens do you have?”


“what brand is it.”

“i think it’s panasonic.”

“you think?”


“which model.”

“no clue.”

…gotta love it when they don’t know their gear.

i then asked “what kinda stuff do you shoot?”

to which he responded “mostly landscape and stuff like the science center.”

can it get more pro than a person shooting landscape and the science center with an “i-think-panasonic” and an “i-dunno-lens?”

i dunno …

i think he’s pretty close to “making it” …

he brought his camera to school today … since he was taking the class photos for the yearbook …

and i said “yo buddy can i see it for a second.”

i looked over at the mode dial …

and what was it on?

only the most professional mode ever …


“do you know what M is?”


definately a pro.

but i could tell as soon as he told me that he shoots with an “i-think-panasonic.”

that was the giveaway that he was shooting at a high level.

anyways …

i gotta go finish up some work …

and i’m shooting aerosmith and motley crue TOGETHER on monday …

should be really wicked.

i’ll put up some of the wedding photos soon, i promise.

and go check out the portfolio!

all of the stuff there was shot with an “i-think-nikon-d70s” 😉


a lot going on

i’ve been really busy these past couple days … weeks? when was the last time i posted here?

can’t even fucking remember.

but this week will be a good one for me … shooting roger waters on wednesday and doing a wedding (my first one) on thursday. can’t wait.  my friend megan’s mom is having one. it will be very interesting. i’m shooting the after party … which is probably a good way to “start out.” taking my d70s … as well as my f5 and a couple rolls of ilford black and white.

school has been pretty busy too.

first week was fun … nothing special. but the homework and assignments are starting to pick up.

and i just dropped gym for world issues.

yeah … gym in grade twelve …

i wanna do music or photography so ess my dee 😉

but that’s gone. world issues baby.

at least i’m not taking what we call the “asian six pack” … 3 science, 3 math.

thaaaank god for that.

anyways, i’m hungry … i’m gunna go make some pudding.

and i need to schedule a hair appointment.

and check on my first roll at the lab.


p.s. — i’ll be putting up a lot of photos from this week probably on friday when i get everything back or scanned.

ciao again. 😉

waiting on my film

So a couple days ago I shot film for the first time …

With the exception of ooold camera’s and disposables from when I was a kid …

Took the F5 and a roll of Ilford Delta 400 out on the street with my friend Tom …

I made 26 exposures … some of which I think were very cool …
I think I may have fucked up the film though.

Ah well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see … they’re at a lab right now … and somehow it will take them about two weeks to develop them … sooo it looks like we won’t see them for 2 weeks …

But it was fun …

Totally different experience …

Being limited to 20 something shots … and having to nail it. No retries. 😉

Twas fun.

So grade 12 started yesturday … pretty cool. It’s pretty cool so far.

Gotta go respond to some emails …

Check my dA … haven’t been there in AGES.