Riffs for all …

Whilst I was up at a cottage for a week … all there was to do (pretty much) was play guitar, read and make photographs.

Naturally, I wrote lots of riffs while I was up there …

Recorded one of them … no, this isn’t another trance thing … this is straight up rock’n’roll. Guitar ‘n’ drums. No bass yet.

The trance thing was pretty much a one-time thing … but I still plan on finishing it. 😉

This riff is only 0:33 … but I have ideas for a full song with it … I just couldn’t finish recording since it’s 11:40P and people are sleeping.

Sounds kinda like System of a Down I think.

Not a bad thing … they didn’t get famous by accident.

Wish I could say the same for Good Charlotte. 😉

Anyways … check it out.

I’ll probably be finishing this and the trance one soon …

Shakira and Wyclef tomorrow! I’m pretty stoked. I kinda hope press has a better place to shoot than when we shot Mariah … shooting from the mixer is much farther than I thought! But that was the first time I’ve had to shoot from there so hopefully tomorrow will be back in the good ol’ photo pit. 😉

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